Mingwei Gu

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08 Oct 2020

Graffiti Chase

“Stop where you are! Police!”

The cop was a few houses down and running over. I tossed my molecular spray paint can into some bushes and booked it.

I thought about finishing my art. You know when you’re in the zone and not even a dropby shooting can get you out of it? Well, I was just about there.

But if a kid like me gets caught tagging in this ritzy neighborhood, I’m done. Ain’t worth it. Best to disappear tonight and come back later. Luckily I’ve got on distorter makeup on. It should confuse any facial recognition software they put my photos through.

So I was running half speed away from that cop. They ain’t getting faster these days. I was looking back to make sure I was pulling away. I turned the corner onto a wide avenue and slowed to a walk.

Perfect. Someone at this walkup building just buzzed in a DoorDash delivery man. I grabbed the door just before it closes and smiled at the man. A voice came from the intercom, “Hello, who are you visiting?”

Great. Virtual doorman. “Uhh.. 3F.” It looked like one of those smaller walkups with two units per floor, F for front and R for rear.

“Please wait while I call.”

I look back at the corner and there’s the cop. And he made eye contact with me. “Another time, thanks!”

“Freeze where you are!”

“No thanks!” I run away at full speed, dodging the few pedestrians on this late weeknight. I gotta get off this avenue before people start going citizen copper.

I turned into a residential street and ran down the side walk. A recycling bin caught my eye. I opened it up and it wasn’t full either. I took out the bags of cardboard and plastic, and jumped inside. Then I put the bags back over me.

I stayed motionless and waited. I heard no footsteps or anything that night. Slowly I fell asleep in the recycling bin. Comfortable as it was, it was worth it for my art.