Mingwei Gu

writings on business, meditation, technology, markets, sci-fi, organizations

08 Oct 2020

Graffiti Chase

“Stop where you are! Police!” The cop was a few houses down and running over. I tossed my molecular spray paint can in...
07 Oct 2020

Data Broke

Greg ran his fingers over the smooth glass display case. His eyes darted from one data crystal to another, and preview ...
04 Oct 2020

Hot Muffin

Veena fills the last muffin cup with batter. Halfway through the morning’s prep. She opens the commercial oven, and put...
03 Oct 2020

Floating Dreams

The mark just had to run off and hide in an asteroid belt. Braun flips on the long range scanners and leans back in his...
02 Oct 2020


Ghentan inches his katana out from its sheath. The cherry blossom trees around him creak as a calm breeze comes throug...
01 Oct 2020

Lost and Found

The cargo container slips from his Crab Mecha’s grasp. It goes tumbling away from the quiet grey loading bay of the o...
30 Sep 2020

No Mildew

The scents of lavender and spring rush past as Lori opens the door to her freshly cleaned apartment. She discards her ...
29 Sep 2020

High Speed Asteroid Chase

“That bastard’s got my grandson. I can’t let him get away.”
28 Sep 2020

No Vacancy: Part Two

“Yes, you’re dead. Welcome to Central Processing. Please wait for your number to be called” I woke up and saw the larg...
27 Sep 2020

Pie in the Face

The lemon merengue pie sailed through the air and splattered on his face. Lenny sat motionless on stage in the school ...